Midnight in America


Dr. Bud Harris is one of the most prolific Jungian authors for our time. He has authored and co-authored 16 books, and has been in the field of Jungian psychology for more than 40 years. At 82 years old, he has a long standing practice in Asheville, NC, which is still thriving.

This video encourages Americans to view this current time of sociopolitical change as an opportunity to employ creative citizenship, develop empathy and understanding, and move beyond division in order to reclaim the essence of American democracy. This historic moment in time so aptly reflects and calls forward a Jungian perspective, and he wants this opportunity to lead toward a great future for America.

Dr. Harris introduces his book The Midnight Hour which is his message driven memoir. “It tells the story of my rude awakening by our political turmoil. I delve further than I have before into some of our deep-seated areas of repression such as income inequality, the origins of the sea of fear we are living in, the fear of not being safe on our streets, in our homes, in our schools, in our places of worship, in our jobs, financially and in the cost of our healthcare.”

“My greatest desire is to help us all feel like a vital cell in our body politic. The future is invading our present with a call to face ourselves as a living part in this body politic. Awakening from our fog of denial demands that we recognize our collective darkness, face it and transform it into a challenge for dynamic growth and change. This is the task of our time in history. We don’t really have any other choice. We must face the truth of our reality. If we ignore or fail at our task we will be destroying our future and the potentials for life on this planet. Today is our call to become the new greatest generation.”

Learn more about Dr. Harris and The Midnight Hour: A Jungian Perspective on America’s Current Pivotal Moment at BudHarris.com and on Facebook at facebook.com/BudHarrisPh.D


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