Radical Hope and the Healing Power of Illness: A Jungian Guide to Exploring the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection to HealingA Jungian Guide to Exploring the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection to Healing

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In Radical Hope and the Healing Power of Illness, Jungian analyst Bud Harris, Ph.D., helps readers examine the emotional impact of illness and the life lessons, self-knowledge, and freedom that coping with difficult circumstances can provide.

Jungian psychology teaches that illnesses and problems can help people grow—to move beyond “normal” existence and the myth of “the good life.” Harris guides readers toward a transformation in thinking—to a more wholistic, authentic way to process the emotional effects and the deeper meanings of illness. This guide’s goal is not to “fix” sufferers or ignore and bury their emotional challenges. Rather, it leads them through a step-by-step process aimed at letting hardship open their minds and hearts to the possibilities of life, uncover inner strength, and become their own authentic selves.

Along the journey, Harris provides guideposts—checkpoints that help readers examine their reactions to what they’ve been learning and apply the concepts to their own lives.

Because physical illness has a heartfelt effect on the patient’s entire support network, loved ones, caregivers, and medical practitioners can also use this guide to connect with, better understand, and impactfully process illness and loss—toward a renewed, reenergized outlook on life.

“This whole journey that I am presenting in Radical Hope is directed toward us finding meaning and individuation through our illnesses. It is choosing the path of being a seeker. It is a radical perspective that brings radical hope, as we learn to understand that individuation itself is a radical series of transformations.”

“As we realize that initiation is the rite of dying to an old life and being born into a new one, we see that illness, as an initiation, initiates us continually into knowing what it means to become more fully human. And becoming more fully human initiates us into becoming truly spiritual.”

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Meaning of Radical Hope

Chapter 2: The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection to Healing

Chapter 3: Beyond Normal: Transformation Coming After Acceptance

Chapter 4: The Power of Choosing Life

Chapter 5: A Wholistic, Integrated Approach

Chapter 6: The Journey Into Sacred Space

Chapter 7: Response to Pain: The Measure of the Human Spirit

Chapter 8: Reclaiming and Revitalizing Our Unlived Lives

Chapter 9: Searching for Meaning

Chapter 10: Trusting the Process in the Quest for Life

Chapter 11: Answering the Call for a Fulfilling Destiny

Chapter 12: The Journey to a Place Beyond Normal

Chapter 13: Commitment to the Journey Manifests Support

Chapter 14: Full Engagement: Freeing the Master

Chapter 15: The Road of Trials

Chapter 16: The Approach to the Innermost Temple

Chapter 17: The Turning Point: Listening to the Burning Bush

Chapter 18: The Return: New Life and Perspective

Chapter 19:  Our Own Love Story: Choosing Life

Chapter 20: A sacred Journey: The Art of Self-Creation

Chapter 21: Proper Questions to Ask

Chapter 22: The Healing Wisdom of Dreams

Chapter 23: Journaling to Understanding

Chapter 24: Rituals as Stepping Stones

Chapter 25: Conclusion: The Light in the Dark