Jungian Analyst Dr. Bud Harris in his office in Asheville, NC

Bud Harris defines himself as a husband, a father, grandfather, psychologist and Jungian analyst. Early in his life he earned a bachelor’s degree in management from Georgia Tech in Atlanta Georgia. After Tech, Bud became a businessman and then owned his own business which he operated successfully. However, in spite of his achievements, he found his life in the cul-de-sac that he explains in his book Sacred Selfishness.

Following a period of dissatisfaction and searching, he returned to school to change careers and eventually earned his Ph.D. in psychology.

After becoming a psychotherapist and psychologist, he experienced the call to further his growth by becoming a Jungian analyst. Bud moved to Zürich, Switzerland where he trained for over five years until he became a diplomate Jungian analyst. Bud explains that “In many ways my educational odyssey has been a reflection of the transformational pattern of my life.” Bud notes that writing Sacred Selfishness (his fourth book) was a labor of love. He says, “Jungian work becomes the path of an authentic life, a life that is fulfilling, passionate and full of love. And this journey is fueled by self-knowledge and awareness. This is the path that healed and transformed my life.”

“I also wanted to write the book I wish someone had written when I was struggling in my early thirties or at midlife. By this I mean a book for everyone that isn’t loaded with professional jargon. While I love the books by Jung and other depth psychologists, I found them difficult until I became schooled in the field.”


Jungian Analyst Dr. Bud Harris in his office in Asheville, NC

Massimilla was born and grew up in Verona Italy. Originally, she went to business school herself. In her late twenties she returned to the University of Padova where she earned her Ph.D. in psychology and became a practicing psychologist. Like Bud, she reports that the call of her destiny took her to Zürich to pursue her growth.

The book that Massimilla and Bud co-authored, Like Gold Through Fire, originated as her thesis at the Jung Institute in Switzerland. Massimilla reports that the theme of this book, the transforming power of suffering, was revealed to her in a series of dreams that were so powerful that she initially wondered if she was going to die. But after carefully working with the dreams she realized that they were leading her into a course of study and a deeper understanding of the nature of suffering and its place in human life and growth.

Bud and Massimilla both live and practice in Asheville, North Carolina. They have lectured widely and continue to write.

Bud and Massimilla met while they were both training to be Jungain Analysts at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zürich. Together and separately they have authored over 20 books.