In addition to our writing, we both maintain a full time practice as Jungian Analysts in Asheville, North Carolina. While people come to see us initially because of problems and difficulties in living that often range from things like depression, relationship problems, or career change , our work focuses on enabling the higher development of the person through fostering C.G. Jung’s Individuation process. This process renews our personal consciousness and helps us examine all of our assumptions about ourselves and our lives, to assist us in growing beyond our difficulties and in uncovering our hidden potentials.

Jungian work has its foundation in the relationships that evolves between the analyst and the person as they get to know each other better and the analyst listens to their story. The direction of the work emerges from this foundation and follows the needs and desires of the person in analysis. Frequency of visits and the length of time we work together depends upon the individual needs and potentials that we uncover together. It usually takes from one to five meetings as we are getting to know each other and deciding how to proceed. Frequently people find it most helpful to come once a week. But, this can vary with individuals and over time. And sometimes because of time and distance we may find it effective to work by phone. Because of the highly individual and personal nature of this work it is always best to start out face to face.


If you would like further information or to talk about scheduling an appointment please telephone Dr. Massimilla Harris or Dr. Bud Harris at their office 828-251-9719.


We do not conduct any of our professional practice communications by e-mail due to privacy regulations.