From Paralysis to Full Vitality: The Myth of Medusa

Dawn's Witness, Autumn Skye

Dawn’s Witness, Autumn Skye


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The following is a continuation of our blog series “Reflections from the Heart of the Feminine.” If you’re just joining us you may want to start here.


Quotation from Chapter 4 for Reflection and Discussion:

The myth of Medusa is an extraordinary mythic story from our collective past. What it can tell us today is as sacred as any religious parable. This myth is a symbolic story of how the patriarchy has abused and banished the feminine, how it can be redeemed, and the tremendous healing and instinctual power that can be freed in this process. The bridge enabling us to make this great story relevant to our own healing, growth, and freedom is the Jungian perspective. The Jungian point of view is that our most troublesome complexes, which result from the wounds that shaped us, also hold a promise. Jung considered complexes to be the “royal road” to our unconscious and the architect of symptoms, dreams, and a transformed life. A myth like this one will show us what has been wounded, how the wound occurred, and the suffering such a wound inflicts. And we will then see what must be healed within ourselves by dying and being transformed and, finally, what new potentials we must live.


Questions for Journaling and Group Discussion:

Do you see how the Death Mother supports our inner and outer patriarchal systems?

How have you ever experienced bottling up your emotions?

Can you feel the power of this ancient myth of Medusa and its potential for transforming life?

To get a good introduction to the Death Mother archetype, watch Massimilla’s lecture on the topic:


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