My Newest Book, and $2.99 Kindle Books

Becoming Whole: A Jungian Guide to IndividuationI am pleased to announce my newest book, Becoming Whole: A Jungian Guide to Individuation. This book comprises the text of two lectures and the seminars that accompanied them. I have presented these workshops and seminars in Asheville, North Carolina and in many other cities in the United States over the last ten years.

Becoming Whole includes the questions I asked to spark the audience’s reflections and participation. I have also included the exercises from the seminar as well with the hope that you will find them stimulating and useful.

$2.99 Kindle Books

In an effort to bring the radical healing of the psyche that is so needed in this world Massimilla and I want to get our books to as many readers as possible. Toward that goal we are making the Kindle versions of the books published through our own Daphne Publications available at the lowest possible price of $2.99. Find them here:

Into The Heart of the Feminine: Facing the Death Mother Archetype to Reclaim Love, Strength, and Vitality

Sacred Selfishness: A Guide to Living a Life of Substance

The Search for Self and the Search for God: Three Jungian Lectures and Seminars to Guide the Journey

Knowing the Questions, Living the Answers: A Jungian Guide through the Paradoxes of Peace, Conflict and Love that Mark A Lifetime

Becoming Whole: A Jungian Guide to Individuation

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